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    Ukraine, Kyiv
    (044) 494-23-48á (067) 209-38-72 fax:(044) 494-23-48
    Company GRAN-TRADE is a supplier of granite, gabbro, labradorite and other decorative stones from 36 deposits of Ukraine
    The company successfully exports granite blocks and finished products abroad
    GRAN-TRADE provides various terms of delivery of commercial blocks and ensure quick and quality execution of orders

    GRAN-TRADE also sells a wide range of complete products of natural stone, manufactured at modern Italian equipment. The high production quality and individual approach to every order guarantees the complete satisfaction of the most exacting client`s requirements

    The assortment of products of natural stone: sledged blocks, facing tiles, socle tiles `rock`, kerb stones, paving stones, architectural-structural products, details of tombs.