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  • Stenico Porfidi srl / Steinex srl

    Via del Campogrande, 19 38040 Fornace
    +390461858988 fax:+390461858988
    Dear Customer,
    With the following presentation Stenico Porfidi  would like to bring your attention to their products made with porphyry natural stone..
    Due to both its physical attractiveness and physical properties, porphyry has been used for many years as an artistic element and as a product for flooring and cladding in prestigious projects. Today this unique stone is a must for the Italian style architecture: from urban furnishing of historical centres and squares to interior
    furnishing of private housing and commercial sites.Stenico Porfidi is a leading company in the production and installation of porphyry
    pavings, able to achieve a strong international standing in just a few years thanks to its production sites in Italy, Argentina and Mexico.

    www.porfidiinternational.com -