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    Rm No.1004, Honglianxili 42, Lianqian East Road
    +86-13799778670 mob.+86-13799778670 fax:+86-592-3776736
    Jiangxi Freet Diamond Tools Co., Ltd (Freet Company briefly follow) is a high-tech Co. Ltd, with standardized management and stock ownership. It is combined with scientific research, production, sale and service. Originated from its former pioneer—Minnan Knife Factory, which was in family generated system in 1994, it now has renamed into Quanzhou Freet Diamond Tools with modern stock ownership. In order to seek higher development, a larger production base is setting up in Jiangxi Province in 2011.Located in Tianfan Industrial Zone, Jiangxi, China, Freet Company is a garden-like factory with elegant surroundings, easy transportation and great facilities. With a professional R&D team of more than 20 people, Freet products include a series of Cutting, drilling, Grinding, and milling tools for Processing hard and fragile materials, such as Stone, ceramic, Concrete etc. Up to now, Freet has set up more than 50 sales outlets all over China and constructed an employee team with specialist in Managing, Manufacturing, Quality Controlling, selling, warehousing, financiering and enterprise planning.Freet carries out the standard according to the ISO9001 system and International testing strictly, With raw material testing, product testing, test development and other kinds of advanced instruments and equipment etc. Build a scrupulous and diligent study of the quality assurance team, Not only ensuring the quality of raw materials and finished products, as well as strict monitoring process to ensure product quality at all times under the management of the company strictly. The development of advanced test equipment for R & D team plays a role as powerful hose in constantly developing new products and maintain technological leadership.To expand foreign markets, the company set up Xiamen Freete company for a special purpose , to attract more talented people, for full-time international trade, which reached a few million dollars investment a marketing year only. Oue products throughout the world, Freet international trademark is no one I do not know in the industry.Freet will continue to enhance the ability of business, research development strengths, sales and service quality. Increase investment in R & D and management team , continue to maintain the industry's technological leadership, and take efforts to make Freet diamond tools to fight the world s best brands .Hundred years to build Freet quality !