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    Renfu Industrial Area, Shuitou Town Nanan City 362342 Fujian China
    18965424633 mob.18965424633 fax:0086-592-2631137
    HUANAN STONE Co., Ltd, which was founded in Shuitou Town of Fujian Province.
    After 20 years of effort, our company has developed into a stone materials
    conglomerate. We have devoted ourselves to reforms, innovations, new techniques
    and new concepts. Currently, we have three professional workshops of granite,
    marble and special shaped crafts. In timely order, we have introduced Italian
    granite gangsaw, bridge cutting machines, column lathe automatic curved polish
    machine, granite and marble automatic polish machine, wire saw (arc panel),
    automatic polishing machine, computerized carving machine, computerized
    shape-replicating machine, stone-cutting machine and other high-technology
    cutting equipments and advanced processing techniques, in order to meet the
    requirements of all stone material projects throughout the process. Our company
    also took the lead in getting the accreditation of ISO9001 Quality Standard
    System in 2005. Later on the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, we even won the title
    of 'Outstanding Quality Stone Material Supplier on Shanghai World Expo'.
    In order to offer clients the most favorable and reasonable prices, we
    adopted the manufacturing mode of professional and project-to-project management
    which greatly lowered our production costs compared to the large-scale
    traditional management mode. In 2012, we coordinated with foreign merchants to
    establish NRE (China) Minerals. After this establishment, we can directly import
    mineral resources from all over the world, implement ' take the mine and be
    responsible for the sales ' and other modes to lower the raw material costs.
    Till now, we have excellent own qualified quarries such as Afghanistan Portoro
    marble, Turkey Dora Cloud Grey marble and Brazil New Giallo Cecilia granite.
    Team management has been the focus among all the focuses since no
    talents means no competitiveness. Over the past years, our company has been
    recruiting all kinds of talents, keeping them and nurturing them. Now we have a
    group of qualified, high-level professional managers in stone material
    manufacturing. Meanwhile, they possess years of field working experience during
    projects at the scene. They can realize the one-stop service of production,
    sales and project site management.
    Over the past more than 20 years,
    Huanan Stone Material Group has been winning the recognition in the market and
    credibility from clients, by delivering quailed products, reasonable prices and
    timely deliveries under the codes of constant breakthrough, non-stop improving
    and continuous pursuit for perfection.
    'Honesty goes far while the
    pursuit for perfection makes us perfect' is our motto. We have kept the beliefs
    in 'low prices with high quality'. We have implemented the manufacturing mode
    of centralized operation and divisional management. Holding 'honesty and
    perfection' as our working attitude, we try to manage our company
    scientifically. We put our brand strategy to be focusing on the technical
    artistic values of our products. We would like to offer best quality products
    and satisfying service to meet our clients' requirements in the maximum. Huanan
    sincerely looks forward to work and develop with domestic and international

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