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26 Tons Forklift Loader

26 Tons Forklift Loader

The JGM761FT26 forklift loader has strong grade ability for the large departure angle of the balance weight. Its chassis is high from the ground, marking the product suitable for multiple complex working conditions. By using the four-wheel drive mode, the product can achieve flexible steering and traveling.

  1. It is configured with the JGM special planetary transmission gearbox and reinforced drive axle.
  2. With large power available, the product can life the heavy load with the maximum weight of up to 26 Tons
  3. The ultra-long wheel base and super strong frame allows for stable operation of the wheel telehandler. With the dumping height reaching 3690mm, the product can realize much easier material loading and stacking than the hoisting machine.
  4. Its key parts are strongly designed with finite element analysis to guarantee large bearing capacity.
  5. The cab of the product provides the driver with broad vision field and the comfortable feeling by taking elastic bi-directional shock absorption
  6. The hydraulic oil cooler serves for maintaining good thermal equilibrium of hydraulic system
  7. The telescopic loader is also fitter with the reversing alarm system for ensuring higher security.


Optional Units

  1. Cooling Air Conditioner or the Heating/Cooling Air Conditioner
  2. Special Designed Bucket for multi-material handling
  3. Tyre Protective Slipping-proof Chain


Standard Facility

  1. Weichai 175KW Turbo charged Engine
  2. Air-over-oil caliper disc service brake system and pneumatically controlled clamp type parking brake system
  3. Single-stage 4-element Twin turbine torque converter
  4. Standard tyre with specification of 26.5-25-36PR for front tyre and 26.5-25-28pR for rear tyre
  5. Planetary hydraulic shift transmission gearbox
  6. 60 drive axle with four-wheel drive mode
  7. Standard boom arm and standard quarry stone fork loading device

Additional characteristics

Forklift Model
Forklift Loader
Forklift Wheel Loader
granite block or marble block
Quarry block and factory block transfer
China, Fujian
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Brothertec is a young but professional supplier with rich experiences in stone machinery, forklift loader and stone tools & accessories supplies, we are technology-supported by industry leader of stone machinery and tools manufacturers in China. 

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