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stone brush, abrasive brush, antique brush, diamond brush

Diamond Abrasive Brushes for Grinding Stone to make antique and leather effect

Diamond Abrasive Brushes are made of high-quality synthetic filaments completely embedded with abrasive grit, which are anchored tightly in a polypropylene brush body. The abrasive grit could be diamond powder or silicon carbide. The color of synthetic filaments is black if embedded with silicon carbide, people always call it abrasive brush; and another one limpidity color with gold powder embedded is real diamond brushes. Some people use silicon carbide brush for stone, flooring, because it is cheaper than diamond brush.
There are three shapes of abrasive brushes, fickert brush, Frankfurt brush and round brush.

Diamond Fickert brush is used for grinding granite slabs, concrete and mainly applied to automated continuous grinder.
Diamond Frankfurt brush is used for producing antique surfaces of stone tiles, marble slabs, can be also used for removing mark. It is mainly applied to the handheld grinder, abrasive/polishing production line and floor refining in stone industry.
Diamond Round Brush is mainly applied to small manual polisher and floor refining machine etc.
People can also use stainless steel brush instead of coarse diamond brush, these Abrasive Brushes are made of strong 
stainless steels which are anchored tightly in a polypropylene brush body.
ChinShine Abrasive Brushes make good antique and leather effect with long lifespan and very competitive price, any specifications and sizes are available for customers' requirements.


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Buy Quality Diamond Saw Blade&Diamond Segment from ChinShine

ChinShine(CS) Company has been occupied in research, development and production of diamond tools for stone & construction industry for over 10 years and has built excellent reputation around the world. In view of huge force which diamond tools have to resist during utilization, the high quality diamond and metal powder is used, together with superior equipment from Italy.


ChinShine has achieved a high-level into the market, creating a full line of diamond tools including diamond saw blades, diamond blades for concrete, diamond segments, diamond grinding wheel , polishing pads, diamond fickert block and other professional stone cutting tools, grinding tools, abrasive tools and polishing tools.

Our main features are:

    Flexibility. The experienced engineers and workers enable ChinShine to supply various customer-made tools which are designed according to application objects and condition.

    Possessing substantial support from local research institution. We have good communication with institute of physics for years, scientific and efficient methods are introduced to the production.

    Customer service and quality focused.

    Widespread praise from buyers, great quality authentication.